Embedded Research Network
To plant: to bring theoretical, live and creative reflexive practices to studies of groups, organisations and institutions.

To be planted: research that grows within living organisations, through people, ideas and their meetings.

To be a plant: researching in the liminal space between inside and outside, covert or overt; navigating and storytelling against/towards academic/practice positions.

Plant is a network to support embedded research within art, architectural and civic organisations. We investigate the creative spaces, objects, and practices surrounding, and produced through, embedded research projects.

This site is a collection of embedded research PROJECTS and associated RESOURCES.

Plant has been established to make the diversity of collaborative hosted relations within embedded research projects visible and explore connections between peer practices. The network aims to critically reflect on the different embedded research positions which have been adopted in relation to non-academic host organisations. With this in mind, a LEXICON of embedded research has started to emerge, allowing projects to be categorised by relationships, methods, collaborators, co-productions, and spaces.

Our working definition of embedded research︎︎︎

Plant started as a series of open online meetings (2021 – 2022). For these, we picked a short reading/ resource/ provocation related embedded research as a prompt for discussion. More recently, our activities have been sporadic, and in response to specific invitations and opportunities – such as a recent article for Sluice magazine.

Please get in touch if you have ideas or would like to do a project/event with Plant.


Working definition of embedded research

Publication: Becoming Part of the Architecture: Embedded Artistic Research
Jonathan Orlek, Stu Burke, Julia McKinlay, Victoria Sharples and James Thompson  
Publisher: Sluice Magazine (Spring / Summer 2024) 

Reading List: Embedded Orientations to Knowledge

Reading List: Theories on Collaboration and Embeddedness
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